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Skagit Crest Then & Now

Wine on The Rock 2008


11 years ago on July 15th 2008, we purchased our vineyard property.  That day we celebrated with wine on The Rock surrounded by trees, brush and blackberries and dreams of what could be.

Wine on The Rock 2018


Now on, July 15th 2018, ten years later we again celebrated with wine on The Rock surrounded by our grape vines, house and winery and dreams of great wines to come.

Wine by The Rock 2018


We feel so blessed and thankful for what we have accomplished, and so very thankful for all our friends new and old for helping and supporting us along the way. What a great journey it has been.

Wine by The Rock 2018


We look forward to sharing our wines and vines for many years to come. We hope everyone will visit and share some of our delicious wines by The Rock with us.

Cheers,  Chuck & Donna Jackson