Fall is in full swing. Come see us to stock up on holiday wines.

About Us


Skagit Crest Vineyard & Winery is a small family owned venture located in Sedro Woolley, Washington overlooking the beautiful Skagit Valley. Estate grown grapes from our five-acre vineyard produce most of our fine wines. Great wine begins in the vineyard. Our vines bathe in sunshine over twelve hours a day during the growing season and our southwestern slope makes an ideal site for growing quality grapes. We think local wines from our local vines are an excellent complement to Pacific Northwest cuisine.

We believe wine is about Time, Place, & Circumstance. ‘Time’ is carefully tending the vines, harvesting perfect grapes, crafting the finest wine, and time savoring the wine. ‘Place’ is about growing local unique grapes, making wine within feet of its vines, and enjoying wine in your favorite setting. ‘Circumstance’ is soil and climate growing perfect grapes, making wine to bring out its best qualities, and last, enjoying it with the best of foods and friends. Wine embodies Time, Place, & Circumstance.

We would be honored if our wines joined your special time, place, and circumstance with friends and family.

Visit our Tasting Room in La Conner, WA

Skagit Crest has a new tasting room in the beautiful, historic town of La Conner, Wa.  We are conveniently located just north of Gilkey Square on the boardwalk. Come stroll the streets of La Conner, stop in and see us and have a glass of wine.

The Winemaker

Chuck Jackson is the head winemaker, vineyard manager, and jack of all trades.  He began making wine in 1978 and has spent the following years perfecting his craft.  He has learned by trial and error, extensive reading, taking classes, and as a member of the Boeing Wine & Beer Club has been able to glean information from members as well as participating in educational opportunities.  Many club members have gone on to own their own wineries.

Vice President of Sanitation

Wine making is all about cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanliness.  Donna Jackson, as vice president in charge of sanitation is well qualified to carry out these duties drawing on many years of house cleaning experience!  She, as the head cleaner upper, is in charge of cleaning tanks, the crusher/de-stemmer,  bins, the press, and anything else that needs cleaning.

Our Vineyard and Winery

Unfortunately our winery and vineyard are not open to the public. However, private tours can be arranged. Give us a call or an email to set up an invitation for a winery & vineyard tour in Sedro Woolley.

Our La Conner Tasting Room

Please visit us in our beautiful La Conner wine tasting room on the boardwalk over looking the Swinomish Channel.