Skagit Crest New Releases

2016 Pinot Noir


Deep Ruby color with a vibrant nose, flavors of cherry, Bing, Rainier and Pie with hints of berries, Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry. Lingering supple finish.


2017 Rose of Pinot Noir


Beautiful deep pink in color, rich nose of berries and cherrys. Full flavors of raspberry, pie cherry and strawberries and a hint of watermelon. Lasting vibrant finish.


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2016 Pinot Gris


Grassy herbal aromas with flavors of melons, peaches and apricots and hints of citrus fruit. Mellow lasting honeydew finish

$20.00 Now 2 for 1

2016 Pinot Blanc


Soft flowery aroma with hints of honeysuckle blossoms, tasting of pear, apple and stone fruit flavors, lingering finish with citrus tones.

Gold Medal - 2018 Seattle Wine Awards


2017 Sauvignon Blanc


Grassy earthy aromas with hints of grapefruit, flavors of grapefruit with lemon/lime tones and melons on the mid-pallet, clean rounded citrus flavors in the lasting finish


2016 Chardonnay


Full and balance aromas of mixed fruits, flavors are a rounded blend of melons, peaches and pears with a distinctive, clean and lasting citrus finish

$16.00 Now 2 for 1

2016 Chuckanut White


Blended aromas of citrus and stone fruits with a lightly earthy and grassy note , multiple layers of flavors from melons to peach and pear with hints of crisp apple and a hint of grapefruit, nice full fruity finish with peachy, citrusy, lingering flavors.

Gold Medal - 2018 Seattle Wine Awards


2014 Cabernet Sauvignon


Deep rich vanilla and plum aromas with an earthy under tone, flavors of light chocolaty, buttery, plumy, cherry-berry into the mid pallet, finishing with raspberry/blackberry flavors with just the right amount of cherry flavors in a lingering finish


Coming soon at Skagit Crest

2017 Pinot Gris - $18.00

2017 Pinot Blanc - $20.00

2017 Chardonnay - $16.00

2017 Chuckanut White - $20.00